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The Q-Loop

The Art & Science of Lasting Corporate Change

How does an established organization filled with long-time employees, a deeply entrenched culture, and a history of drawn-out planning and development cycles become nimble, innovative, and responsive in today’s challenging business climate? Published by Bibliomotion, The Q-Loop: The Art & Science of Lasting Corporate Change delivers an actionable strategy to help your company rapidly achieve lasting transformational change. Let Brian Klapper of The Klapper Institute show you how to unlock the potential of your organization’s collective intelligence. In particular, you’ll discover how to profit from the insights of your frontline workers who are closest to customers and the services and products you offer—yet are so often detrimentally overlooked in major decisions and change initiatives. Read this book and learn how to extract the deep knowledge found in frontline employees, break down their inherent resistance to change, and convert them into passionate advocates who are fully invested in leading the organization to achieve the new operating philosophy.

"The power of the book is how Brian Klapper combines a comprehensive change management strategy with the practical techniques to implement the entire process effectively. The author provides a holistic strategy based on collaborative input of ideas to implement across the entire organization. While other change management books offer ideas and stories, Brian Klapper offers a tested and proven methodology for making change stick after the change process ends.

I highly recommend the very hands-on and insightful book The Q-Loop: The Art & Science of Lasting Corporate Change by Brian Klapper, to any change leader, facilitator or managers who is seeking a complete process that is collaborative and inclusive, and is tested and proven in real world change situations. This book should be read again and again before, during, and after any change management initiative in your organization." -- Business World


  • The Q-Loop was nominated by the Financial Times and Goldman Sachs as the BEST BUSINESS BOOK OF THE YEAR
  • The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) named The Q-Loop to its MUSTN'T MISS BOOK LIST

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Toronto Globe and Mail
Connecticut-based consultant Brian Klapper believes ideas are the lifeblood of an organization. Unfortunately, too many companies are incompetent when it comes to soliciting and implementing ideas from the best source: their own employees. “There is a treasure trove of ideas available to you. But you don’t use it,” he said in an interview.
Investors Business Daily
Corporate change initiatives usually aren't voluntary. It's conform or get out. But getting employees to buy into them takes more than a hammer. "Few organizations know how to generate the sense of excitement, energy and shared mission that occurs when people truly join together,"